Karen: Virginia

One girl, happily married to her best friend, and mama to three outgoing, outrageous & beautiful little people - movin' thru life and trying to make the best of it.  I am currently living in Virginia,  soon to be living in Florida.  I am not always good at looking at the bright side but I eventually come around.  

Things I LOVE. 

I like to refer to my kids as "The Children"  I don't know why.
Animals.  I love them but I do not collect them.  I do not have thirty four cats or anything. 
Parenthesis.  Like this:  I have a SUPER surprise for you! (but I'll wait to tell you about it later).  I use them constantly (I know its annoying! just say whatcha gotta say already lady!)
Capital Letters, Commas & Quotation Marks.   
Sleeping, although I am not that good at it.
Magazines.  I get like 26 every month.  It is a sickness.
Wegmans.  Yes. It is a grocery store but it makes grocery shopping fun again.  And I mean really, really fun.
My Hair.  No one ever compliments me on it and I don't really ever do anything with it and I'm pretty sure it doesn't even look good but I LIKE IT.  Always have.  (why did I cut it so short??)
What Do You Do With A Kangaroo?  It's a book.  By Mercer Mayer.  And I love it.
Having a Suntan.
Trash Day.  Really.  I LOVE it when the trash man picks up like three full cans of trash from the front of my house.  
Writing.  I've got a novel in me just waiting to bust out!
Yard Work.  Mowing, weeding, mulching, planting.  Bring it.
A good Sarcastic Sense of Humor.  I have one.  

Things That ANNOY Me.   

Slow people.  As in people who aren't smart enough to keep up (sorry, is that mean?)  and I am not referring to Special Needs folks so don't get all riled up.
Mean People. (is that ironic?)  
People who collect thirty four cats.
People calling photos "Pics."  Drives.Me.Crazy.
Talking on the phone.  I will text or email you all day long but, generally speaking, I don't want to talk to you on the phone. (It's not personal)
Snakes.  I am afraid.
Being Cold.  
Gas at $4.00 a gallon.

WHEW!  That was alot of info you probably didn't need!  (or want!)